mayo 4, 2014

Fun facts about clothing that you may not have known

Fashion constantly changes over the years, and many times these changes are due to reasons you can't even imagine, such as World War II, which caused the use of shorts in women due to scarcity; or also the garments that became fashionable thanks to some designer.
mayo 5, 2014

Basic garments that every woman should have in her closet

The secret is knowing how to combine each piece giving it your own special touch, you can add accessories, or use shoes and bags that represent your style; because all women have a unique way of wearing each item of clothing.
mayo 6, 2014

5 fashion tips that will make your life easier

Hasta la más básica de las combinaciones sube (literalmente) a otro nivel si se lleva con tacones. Cuando sientas que falta algo, prueba sumando algo de altura.