Basic garments that every woman should have in her closet

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mayo 4, 2014
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mayo 6, 2014
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A fashion secret that not many people know, or rather; almost nobody puts it into practice, is that you can put together many outfits, having a few basic items in your wardrobe.

The secret is knowing how to combine each piece giving it your own special touch, you can add accessories, or use shoes and bags that represent your style; because all women have a unique way of wearing each item of clothing.

The following garments are the ones you must have to put together the different outfits.

1.-Leather jacket

This can be the color you prefer, black, red, beige, or any other. The important thing is that you have one!

2.-Short black dress

The important thing is that it be a simple dress, which you can combine with different accessories and use it on different occasions.


Currently there are endless models of jeans, no matter which one is your favorite, what is really important is to have two or three that you can combine for different occasions.


We know that you most likely have many of these, but the ones that cannot be missing are black heels and nude heels, they will serve you for any outfit.


Short, long, printed or in a single color, there are many types of skirts; but the important thing is that you have one or two that can work for different occasions.

6.-White shirt

This garment gives you an elegant and delicate look and that is why it cannot be missing from your closet.


Whether in vibrant colors or more neutral tones, it is important that you have this piece, since it adds a touch of elegance and formality to any outfit.


This is one of the garments that can be most adapted to your style due to the variety that exists, in addition to the fact that you can combine it with all the garments that we mentioned above.

What do you think of these clothes? Do you have them all?

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