Fun facts about clothing that you may not have known

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mayo 5, 2014
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Fashion constantly changes over the years, and many times these changes are due to reasons you can’t even imagine, such as World War II, which caused the use of shorts in women due to scarcity; or also the garments that became fashionable thanks to some designer.

Sometimes we wear clothes with an unknown origin and probably at some point you ask yourself, where does this thing that I am wearing come from? Well, here are three curious facts about clothing that may interest you.

Do you know where the pompom on hats comes from?

You might think that this accessory is used in this way for aesthetic reasons, but the reality is that pom-poms in hats began to be used by French sailors in the 17th century; in order to avoid hitting the low ceilings of the ship’s cabins.

Later the pompom became part of the uniforms, and over time it became a fashion that is still used today.

The buttons on the blouses

You may have noticed that women’s blouses have peculiarly positioned buttons on the left side, and this may seem a bit odd because statistically speaking, the majority of people in the world are right-handed.

However, the reason why the buttons are on that side is quite simple, and it is that many years ago, this was a representation of a high social class, since; who fastened these buttons was your maid.

Spare buttons and extra fabric

You have probably noticed that certain items of clothing, mainly some shirts; they bring an extra square of cloth, which in turn also has a button that is well known to be used as a spare.

But have you ever wondered what that extra piece of cloth is supposed to be for?

The answer may surprise you, it turns out that this piece of fabric is designed for you to test detergents and determine if they can damage the garment or not.

How many shirts would have been saved from being faded or damaged if we had known this fact long before?

It is always important to know a little about the history of everything that surrounds us in today’s world, and especially in the world of fashion there are many curious facts that can be very useful if you are a fan of clothing just like us.

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